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Citi Approved Enterprise, LLC is a woman-owned construction company located in the Greater New Orleans area. Founded by Ingrid Thibodeaux, this firm was organized on April 10, 2006. Its sole purpose was to aid those citizens who fell victim to unethical and illegal practices by rogue contractors after the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Over the past 15 years, Citi Approved Enterprise, LLC has paved its own way throughout New Orleans. The company has grown from a residential company to a diverse Commercial construction company. Through humility,
commitment, and service, Citi Approved
Enterprise's goal is to rise above and beyond
our clients' expectations. 

At Citi Approved Enterprise, we take pride in safety. We ensure that precautions are set into place and that our working environment is healthy for all. In all 16 years of operation Citi Approved Enterprise, has never had any incidents or injuries.

Residentail Collage.jpg
Residentail Collage.jpg
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