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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction is a project overseen and built by a general contractors.

Common types of commercial construction projects are institutional buildings, plants, government buildings, roads, airports, etc.

Citi Approved Enterprise is capable to accommodate commercial projects of any magnitude.

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Prepared to Meet

Construction Needs


Residential Construction

Residential construction is different

than commercial construction, because

these buildings are used for people to

live in instead of working in. While

many people think that single family

homes are residential construction, the

category also includes multi-family

homes, apartments, condominiums,

and even mobile homes.

Preconstruction / Site Managment

A preconstruction manager organizes and oversees the design phase of a project, before building commences. They’re essentially the main point of contact for the client, providing them with the knowledge and experience to get the project rolling. 

The preconstruction manager will work with the client to develop an understanding of the project and the client’s wants and needs. They’ll also put together the team required to handle the project, from the GC to the subcontractors.

No less importantly, preconstruction managers also help develop a strategy and schedule that works for the client. 

Construction Managers

Roofing Projects

Without question, your roof is a complex set of components that works together to keep your home safe and protected. We promise to walk you through the process and find the best fit for your individual needs. 

Whether you’re looking for help with something minor like roof installation, repair, or replacement, Citi Approved Enterprise is your GO-TO!




Heavy Civil

Civil construction brings together a

number of sub-disciplines, and is

the means by which the goals of civil

engineers are realized. It involves the

planning and execution of construction

projects, transportation of materials, and

site development based on hydraulic,

environmental, structural and geotechnical



Landscape Construction

We can turn barren land into a fruitful garden consisting of different types of trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, etc. Creating functional diagrams, design plans, and conducting inventory all contributes to Landscape Construction. 

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